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Project Management

Coordination and administration services for projects of various sizes. Giving expertise in a wide variety of sectors with a strong focus on the utility construction industry.

street lighting maintenance


Services to price a variety of projects with a focus on the utility sector. Supporting designers and owners to price the scope of work prior to going to market for bidding.

street lighting maintenance


Providing expert advice on all areas of your project. From designing to close-out.

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Project Inception

Supporting designers during the design stage to coordinate inspections and investigations to complete designs. Reviewing designs, checking for deficiencies and precision, and providing value engineering.

electrical installation and maintenance

Contract Administration

Providing on-demand estimating services to price a variety of projects with a focus on the utility sector. Supporting your staff before, during, and after construction. Helping to stay organized throughout your project.

electrical installation and maintenance


Offering on-site evaluations and reports at critical points throughout the project - before, during, after and any point in between.

electrical installation and maintenance

New To The City

If you are a foriegn investor and need to navigate the construction sector, consult TCI today on how to approach getting permits and finding the right contractors to complete your next project.



Private Sectors

Design Firms



Foreign Investors & Companies

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• Transit Electrical and Civil Infrastructure
• Primary and Secondary
Hydro Installation
• Traffic Signals
• Street Lighting

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• Roadway Construction
• Civil Construction
• Maintenance
• Utility

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